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 Maria Fatima Gomes

December 2014 Issue of the UMA Bulletin 

It is with pleasure that I congratulate and introduce our new officers and directors who were elected at our Annual General Meeting on November 8th: President Sandra Souza, Vice-President Flavia Greubel, Treasurer Joanne Segovia, Secretary Pauline de Assis, and Directors Maria Gomes, Marie Guterres, Luiz Ozorio, Vilma Remedios, and Ramon Xavier.

Having been an Officer of UMA for ten years, I decided that it is time for me to step down as President. I am delighted that I can say we are a strong unified organization. There are nine Directors in our UMA Board, and they have been well informed of all UMA affairs and have participated fully in the decision making for UMA. Our Officers and Directors have given of themselves generously, worked diligently, and accomplished much on behalf of UMA. From UMA, and especially from me, special thanks go to each of them: Flavia, Francis, Pauline, Ozzie, Joanne, Marie, Sandy, and Ray for their great service to UMA. Special thanks also go to the many outstanding members who have been working hard to accomplish much for UMA.

UMA has excellent financial procedures and records, thanks to our Treasurer Francis Carion. It has been my pleasure and honor to work with such an efficient and professional individual. He maintained all the financial and membership records for UMA, worked with me to set up all the budget documents and reports for the Board, worked with our Event Chairs to prepare Revenue & Expense Reports; and provided frequent financial reports to the board to keep them well informed. His Treasurer’s Report is on Page 4 and 5. It was my pleasure at our AGM to present to Francis an engraved clock from UMA for his many years of service as Treasurer of UMA. Francis will continue to be our Membership Chairperson.

UMA has THREE MISSION STATEMENTS, and the first is to PRESERVE, ENHANCE, AND ADVANCE THE CULTURE, HERITAGE, TRADITION, AND HISTORY OF THE PEOPLE OF PORTUGUESE/MACANESE ANCESTRY. The UMA Bulletin has done an outstanding job on this. It is my pleasure on behalf of UMA to thank Daniel Gomes for his generous time and hard work on the UMA Bulletin for the last 11 years. Many of our members have continued their membership just for the UMA Bulletin. It was my pleasure at our AGM to present Daniel with an engraved clock from UMA for his many years of service as the Editor of our UMA Bulletin. Ricardo de Senna will take over the job of Editor beginning January 2015. Please continue to provide your many stories to our new Editor for our Bulletins.

The UMA Website has also provided information to preserve, enhance and advance the culture, heritage, traditions and history of the people of Portuguese/Macanese ancestry. Do visit our UMA WEBSITE using the link,; use the links under the HISTORY section in our website to enjoy reading the History of Macau and Portugal, and to enjoy the panoramic video of Macau. I will continue as UMA’s Web Master to maintain our website.

Our Second Mission Statement is TO MAINTAIN A FRATERNAL RELATIONSHIP WITH SIMILAR GROUPS GLOBALLY. I have maintained UMA’s great relationship with IIM, International Institute of Macau; CCM, Conselho de Communidades de Macau; Fundacao Oriente, Portugal; the Portuguese Consul General, and other Casas globally. UMA is well recognized and respected worldwide. I have kept up with Correspondences, Christmas Cards, Chinese New Year Cards, and emails with CCM, IIM, Portuguese Consul Office, and all Casas, and enjoyed the many functions with the members and leaders of these organizations at the Encontro in Macau and here in California. There are many photos of the presence of UMA at the events with these individuals and organizations in our bulletins and in the EVENTS section of our Website. I wish Sandra Souza, our incoming president, the very best in continuing to maintain a great relationship with all these people and organizations on behalf of UMA.

Our Third Mission Statement is TO PROMOTE SOCIAL INTERACTION AMONG THE MEMBERS. UMA has continued to provide the many events and activities that our members enjoy. The Chairpersons of the Events have done an excellent job, and they have worked well with the UMA Social Committee to provide for successful events. The Social Committee with its many wonderful hard working members under the leadership of Flavia Greubel has made sure that the lunches and dinners are enjoyable and plentiful. The UMA Bulletin and the UMA Website keep members informed of upcoming events, and provide articles and photos of our UMA Events for the enjoyment of our attendees as well as all other members who were not able to attend. My Emails have been used to send out news, obituary announcements, reminders of upcoming events; to solicit reservation responses; and to provide members with downloadable flyers for our events.

I will now report on UMA’S Club House, the Macau Cultural Center. I have been an officer of MCC for eight years: four years as secretary and four years as Vice-President. It was also my pleasure to spearhead the generous donations of our community for the funds needed to complete the required repairs and renovations of our building. When I started as an MCC director with Raquel Remedios and Alex Xavier, we had a building that was in serious disrepair and in need of extensive work to meet building codes. This building was purchase by the previous MCC Board that was not aware of the additional restrictions and requirements on the building because it was a “historical” building. We inherited the huge task of getting this building renovated and brought up to code. I remember the tough times of going all the way to Downtown San Francisco via Bart for our MCC Meetings in the late afternoons and evenings, and the many huge problems we had to solve. But it was worth it as we can now enjoy our club house.

The Macau Cultural Center is OUR Club House. We should use this building as we OWN IT, and our three MCC directors and three MCC Assistants work hard on the administration and maintenance of it. On behalf of UMA I sincerely convey thanks to our three MCC Directors: Luiz Ozorio, Flavia Greubel, and myself, who have worked hard to administer the operations of MCC. Also on behalf of UMA, sincere thanks go to our three MCC Assistants: Larry Collaco, Miguel Roliz, and Luiz Ozorio who have served us well in overseeing and maintaining our MCC building. There are nine MCC Assistants, three from each Casa. EVERY WEEK, one of them inspects and maintains the MCC building; they water the plants and sweep up the side patio, water our side-walk planters, inspect and maintain the interior of the building, and report all findings to the directors of MCC.

THE MCC FINANCIAL REPORT as of September 15, 2014 shows we have a CD Account in the amount of $20,000 and a Checking Account in the amount of $33,796.03 in the First Republic Bank, and a Checking Account in the amount of $13,559.83 at Union Bank of California. The Total Cash in Banks is $ 67,355.86. Our two street level retail spaces are leased to Fremont Art Association at $1100 a month, and Niles Ice Cream Shoppe at $1170 a month. Our Conference Room is leased to De Souza Niles Yoga at an average of $400 a month depending on the number of hours for the month; the main hall is leased to Zumba With Mimi for $720 a month; and the main hall and conference room is rented to the general public for events. The total 2014 Net Rental Income is $17,605. MCC is incorporated as a non-profit organization – 501(C)4. We are a social cultural nonprofit organization, and we currently do not have to pay any taxes because our “Rental Income” does not exceed our Building Related Expenses. If we start showing a profit in the net rental income in the future, we will then have to pay taxes.

THE THREE CASAS now co-host two events a year: the DIA DE SAO JOAO MASS & LUNCH in June and the OUR LADY OF FATIMA MASS AND LUNCHEON in October.

UMA currently use the MCC for our Guys & Dolls Dinner Dance which has been in February, the Game Day which has been in March, the Annual General Meeting in November, and the Christmas Member Appreciation Luncheon in December. We have a cabinet in the kitchen for our Karaoke Machine which we use for a sound/address system, and some of our party supplies. We also have a metal File Cabinet in the MCC Office/Library for our important documents such as past Tax and Insurance Documents, Treasurer’s Files, Secretary Files, UMA Bulletins, and some other important things like our UMA Polo Shirts. We also have some small cabinets for our event decorations and supplies.

Finally, my sincere personal thanks to all the wonderful people who have worked hard with me these past years in service of UMA. It was my honor, privilege and pleasure to work with you in preserving, maintaining, and advancing our Portuguese/Macaense Culture and Heritage.

To all you dear members of UMA I send the Very Best of Wishes filled with God’s Blessings, good health, and much happiness for the coming year and many years to come.



Sandy Souza


December 2014 Issue of the UMA Bulletin


Dear Members,

Firstly, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. May this year bring you peace, happiness and health. I am honored and pleased to serve UMA as your new President for the coming term. Having been a member of UMA for over forty years and in various Board capacities, I am very familiar with UMA’s Mission Statement. For those members who are new, they are as follows: 1. The perseverance, enhancement and advancement of the culture, heritage, tradition of the history of people of Portuguese/Macanese ancestry. 2. The maintenance of fraternal relationship with similar groups globally. 3. The promotion of social interaction among the members. During my presidency I will do my best to continue the conformance of our club to the above guidelines.

UMA has been very successful under the guidance of Zinha Gomes, our past President and I am pleased that she has agreed to continue on as a Director, replacing my position on the Board. Her guidance and input is much appreciated. We have a hardworking Board of Directors and I look forward to their continuing support of the Club. Flavia Gruebel, our Vice President and Social Event Director co-ordinates our Social Events, she is assisted by the many dedicated members of the Social Committee which make our Social events so successful. I am confident that this will continue.

Our members are an integral part of UMA, any suggestions and ideas from you will be welcomed. I hope to see many of you in the upcoming Social events which we have in store for you.


Sandy Souza, President